Find_Us_On_Facebook_Logo_05Since my last post we have added to our family. We now have six children! So this blog has taken a back seat. However, I Am A Black Mother’s Facebook page is alive and well. And y’all, with the recent events in our country, there are so many wonderful and resourceful articles I’ve shared there:

“5 Things I Need My White Friends and Family To Understand About #BlackLivesMatter”


“Talking To Kids About Racism and Justice”

…just to name a few. Please come have a look at

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Remember to Line your Winter Cap

I just did one for my oldest daughter to wear to school. I bought a sleep cap at Walmart and stitched a single straight line to attach it. It helps if the winter cap you buy folds up on the bottom. This will hide your stitch. And if you don’t sew, use fabric glue! (See pic below.)

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The Truth About Beauty

I can tell my daughters all day long that they are beautiful, but it means so much more coming from a woman who looks like they do. Share this with your teenage girls, and do it often.

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Our MLK Day 2014

The kids woke up to pictures of Dr. King all over the house. At breakfast L asked if we could have Martin Luther King pancakes. I said I didn’t know how I’d do that. He said, “How about Martin gingerbread man pancakes and we can pretend they are him?” Done! While the pancakes cooked I explained in terms they could understand about equality and how Dr. King wanted equality for all people. (See top right of photo below.)

During breakfast I read changing a few words and phrases to help their young minds understand. I worried the whole time that it was too much too soon. I didn’t know how it’d be taken. My children surprised me with compassion and strength and it went smoothly.

After breakfast we made a traditional color hand wreath. Thought about putting it on the front door, but wanted the children to see it throughout the day so we put it on the fridge.

Then we all came downstairs and watched the videos I shared with you in the post previous to this one.

Lastly we watched a shortened version of his “I Have A Dream” speech.

Then we all got dressed and went to meet Daddy at work for lunch wearing “stickers” (a paper cut-out with tape on the back) of a smiling Dr. King on our shirts.

We aren’t done for the day. I have a few more activities planned (diversity egg, coloring page, etc). I’d like to share my favorite one with you. It’s a flip book your children can color and put together. You can print it out for free here: Teacher Vision: “I Have A Dream” Little Book.

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I Have A Dream

Happy Reverend Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Day! What is your family doing to celebrate?

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20 Books, Movies, and TV Shows with Positive Affirmation for Girls of Color

Sundi from Baby & Blog has come up with a media list for positive affirmation for “brown girls”. She says,

“I think it’s extremely important to make sure that our daughters see reflections of themselves on television, in books, and with the toys they play with.”

Yes ma’am. I agree. I’d like to share her list with you. Some of the books listed are already on my book list, but I’ve never considered a list for movies and TV shows. Thank you Sundi!

books for brown girlsSome TV shows and movies she lists are: The Princess and The Frog (which some have a problem with since the princess is a frog for most of the movie), Polly (which we decided against for now – see why HERE), and Happily Ever After Collection: Fairy Tales For Every Child (which looks very interesting despite my loathing of damsel in distress fairy tales. I’ll have to watch it and weigh the importance of girl power versus brown girl power.) To see her full list of movies and TV shows click HERE.

She then lists lots of books in two age categories: Pre-K to 2nd grade and 7 to 12 years old. Awesome. Some she mentions are Princess Truly and The Hungry Bunny Problem (which we have and love), Zora and Me (which seems to deal directly with race), and Liberty Porter, First Daughter (which tells the story of a first daughter with brown skin). I’ll be adding all the books she shared to my book list and adding them to my wish list for my girls. Thanks again, Sundi!

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I Am A Black Mother Family Photos Autumn 2013

my beautiful family

play-it-cool Mr. L

silly and goofy Ms. M

sweet and sassy little S

adorable and happy baby P

To find out how this blog is earning an income for me that I’m using to pay for an adoption fee, click this link, enter your email address, and watch the video: My Blog Makes Money.

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